New Release 1.0

October 1, 2020

It has been a few weeks since we first launched our product to the public and we have seen great feedback come in since then. At myRaceprofile, just like on the track, we like to act fast and continuously improve. We have made a number of improvements over the last few weeks to support our racers reach their potential!

We don’t like holding back features until an official release as we like to get the new stuff into the hands of the racers as soon as its ready, so we do smaller, incremental releases and set a milestone version when we feel one is worthy, this is one of those occasions. Below are some of the new features we released during this period that amounts to version 1.0.

New Headers and Racer Name Styles!

One of the major features we added for this release is the addition of 4 new header layouts and 4 new racer name styles. These professional, racing designed headers and names styles can transform the look of your site! You can mix and match different headers with different racer name styles so choose a combination that suits the look you are going for and enjoy!

Check out the new designs by logging into your site dashboard, go to the customizer, and website header tab!

Custom Racer Stats

You can now choose what stats you would like to highlight in your profile! You can customize the label, icon and values to suit your type of racing, for every step of your career. Part of this work we added a racer font library which we intend to grow with custom racing icons as time goes on and possibly use them in more areas around the racer sites.

Sponsor Slider

You can now choose to display your sponsors in a slider! Add some movement to the page and draw the eyes of your visitors to your sponsors! This is selectable when you add the block to the page and has a number of options to suit your needs.

Banner Image Crop

We have now an inbuilt cropping tool when using an image for your banners. It shows you the outline of what the banner will display on your site so you have ultimate control. Move and resize the cropping area to make sure the action is center frame!


More Fonts!

We have added a bunch more fonts for use on your racer website! Sometimes the font you would like to use as your headings doesn’t really work for smaller text or paragraphs, so we have also added new functionality to allow you to use one font for headings, and another font for the rest of the site.


Along with the major items above, there was a number of bug fixes and maintenance items performed on the system to ensure the racers and their follows have the best experience possible!

Thats all for now. Keep an eye out for future releases here on the blog as well as incremental updates on our socials! We have lots in the pipeline and are also working on new things so like our pages to keep up to date!