Our Racing Experience

The myRaceprofile team are racers with many years of experience in a host of different racing disciplines. Over the years, we’ve raced in almost every category you can think of…  including sailboats, BMX, Motocross and Circuit Cars. We’ll attend any race meeting to enjoy the action and atmosphere – even if we’re not an entrant. Our passion for competition – bordering on an obsession – means that we understand where other racers are coming from.

myRaceprofile seamlessly blend our racing knowledge with cutting edge technologies. This makes us ideally positioned to articulate your profile or brand in a compelling way to your audience – in a way no other website development company in Australia can match. So, whether you’re interested in our template or custom website option, you can trust us to deliver an outcome that looks highly professional, is SEO optimized and is both responsive and reliable.

Our Racing Service

At myRaceprofile, optimum customer service is our highest priority. For us, this is not just a meaningless marketing message – it’s a promise to you that we’re fully committed to keeping, a guarantee we actively and continuously strive to uphold.

Our bottom line is that you can count on us to always keep your website running at its best! We’re all about providing value for money by providing:

Software updates – regular updates with the latest versions = the best possible user experience and security. Speed increases – with our speed optimisation protocols, you’ll always have the fastest possible website.
Scheduled backups – we’ll back up your website every month, so you can restore it at any time. Virus scans – we’ll check for any suspicious code or activity and block any threats.

In addition, myRaceprofile is constantly making strides in developing new inhouse security features and technological add-ons. Once you set up a site with us, we’ll be passing on these upgrades to you through regular updates. This increase in functionality and ease of use, which will not be available anywhere else, is completely free of charge – it’s all included as part of your subscription.