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Advertising with myRaceprofile gives you choice and flexibility to get in front of your target audience and deliver customised messages. You can change and update your offers from your computer then upload them to your advertising space in minutes. Alternately, you can send the details to our team and we’ll upload them for you.

Your advertising will appear on both the “myRaceprofile Home Site” as well as the “Racers Websites”(1). So you can choose categories, sub-categories and locations that suit your business and your budget! Your advertising is linked back to your website so you are just one click away from racers who need your product or service.

We have designed our product to provide affordable websites for racers by having advertisers appearing on their sites, this reduces the cost for racers but also drives inquiry to the advertisers site. In essence the advertisers are supporting the racers and the racers are supporting the advertisers, it’s a mutually beneficial relationship for the racing community.

Advertising spots start from $75 per month for one sub category in any given advertising location/zone or you can go BIG with a full category Nationally, the choice is yours! In fact you can mix and match sub-categories and zones that suit your business and budget(2). Please see the table below for a better understanding of this fantastic opportunity for your business.

(1) Base Plan – Racer Website(2) Subject to availability

Advertising Options Flexible and Cost Effective

We offer 4 advertising plans for maximum flexibility for all business types and sizes. We split out advertising into Categories (and Sub-Categories) and Regions so you can target your advertising to your desired audience!

Plan SizeCategoriesRegion
National CategoryAll Sub-Categories for 1 CategoryAll Regions
Regional CategoryAll Sub-Categories for 1 Category1 Region
National Sub-Category1 Sub-CategoryAll Regions
Regional Sub-Category1 Sub-Category1 Region


All Plans include the following advertising locations:

  • Logo on our main site alongside your chosen category or sub-category
  • Advertisement in the footer of all racer sites on your chosen category/sub-category in your chosen region/s
    (50% impression rate)
  • Advertisement in the dashboard of all racer sites on your chosen category/sub-category in your chosen region/s
    (50% impression rate)

Regions – QLD – NSW/ACT – VIC/TAS – SA/NT – WA

Also included is the advertiser dashboard where you can manage your own advertising campaign and have fine control over what campaign to show to what audience.

Targeted to the racers Advertisements on The Dashboard

Your Advertising campaigns will be shown on the racers dashboard whenever they login to their myRaceprofile website.


Get maximum exposure Advertisements on Racer Websites

In addition to being shown on the racers dashboard, you advertisements will also show on every page of the racer website for the categories and regions you have selected.

You can even create specific campaigns for individual category and region combinations!

Supporting our Racers Corporate Partnership

Your logo will be shown alongside your selected Category/Sub-Category on our corporate website, showing your support for the racers.

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