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This section is where you enter all your racing info that you would like to share with your audience. You can provide as much or as little you like, just navigate to the “Racer Details” page from the sidebar on dashboard, and there it provides you with an array of fields to fill out.

The details you provide here are used throughout your site, most notably in the “Racer Bio” block that you can add to pages.

Name, Number and Image

In this section you can override the name (from what you signed up as) and your racing number. You can also upload an image of yourself, here is a great spot to add a head shot or portrait to show your fans what you look like!

Personal Details

Tell your audience a bit more about yourself, like your age, nickname, hobbies, etc.

Race History and Stats

Make sure you add your racing biography so everyone knows your racing history. Add your statics and achievements for some more bragging rights, you earned them, show them off!


Make sure once you have entered your details to save the page. If you have any racer bio blocks on your site already, they will automatically update with the new information!

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