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The navigation menu is managed through the WordPress menu builder. This can be accessed by the “Navigation Menu” item in the sidebar menu or from the dashboard.

The Menu Builder

The menu builder screen has 2 sections, to the right contains the current menu structure, with the left being the available pages you can add to the menu. There are some other elements on the screen which you do not need to worry about for the moment, MyRaceprofile have set them up already for you!

Adding Menu Items

Using the sidebar, you can add in pages from your website, these could be pages, results, standings, galleries, events or news items.

All you need to do is click on the category you are looking for, eg, pages. Then search for the page you are after, note that the default tab is “Most Recent”, but you can also view all or search.

Select the checkbox next to the page you (you can select multiple if you wish to add more than 1) and hit the “Add to menu” button.

This will add these pages to the menu.

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Configuring Menu Items

When a menu item has been added you have some further options you can configure. Top open up further options on a link you just select the down arrow next to the menu item.

Depending on the type of menu item it is, the options may vary. The most common one is the Label, which will just change how the item appears in the menu.

Custom Link

If you need to link to a page outside of your website (eg a team mate, or sponsor) you can add a custom link, which will let you directly enter the url that the item should link to.

Arranging Menu Items

You can easily re-arrange the menu items in the menu builder by simply clicking and dragging the menu item to the desired position.

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Sub Navigation Levels

It is possible to have dropdown menus in the navigation menu. It is important to note that when you add an item as a sub-menu item, the top level item will no longer work as a link to the page (it works as a way to open the dropdown menu).

The best way to add a submenu is to:

  1. Add a custom link with a url of “#” and enter the title you wish the submenu to have.
  2. Add the items you wish to be in the sub menu
  3. Once the items are on the menu builder, you drag them to underneath the custom link from step 1, then drag them to the right to indent them and create the “sub menu”


Save Menu!

Make sure you save the menu once you are done making changes!

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