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Congratulations! You now have a professional racer website designed to showcase your racing activities and engage with your fans, family and sponsors.

While we have designed our website systems to be easy to use, this First Steps guide will help you familiarize yourself with the system and give you some ideas on what to do first!

Your Site Dashboard

You manage your site via the Dashboard, you can reach the dashboard by going to your profile and look for the login link in the footer. This will generally be You can login to the dashboard using the username/email and password you setup when you registered.

Upon logging in, you will be presented with helpful links to various areas you can manage on your website, we have split this up into sections to help you find what you are looking for.

What to do first?

We understand that getting an awesome new website can be a bit daunting at first. But have no fear, MyRaceprofile has been designed to give you a jump start in making your website by setting you up with out awesome template site. From here you just need to start filling in your details, change what you want to change, or leave what you like, its up to you how much you customize your site to suit your needs.

Below are some highlights you should check out first!


1. Enter your racing details

Head over to the Racer Details page and add in you name, racing number, profile picture, racing history and more! Make sure you add in you career stats and achievements to showcase how successful your racing career has been!

More Info: Racer Details


2. Update your header and footers

The header and footer of your website are very important elements provide functionality and information to your visitors about you and your site.

Take the time to visit the header and footer options (from the dasboard or find them under “Profile Settings” in the sidebar menu) where you can adjust the colour scheme of the header, add you own logo or adjust how your name is displayed.

More Info: Header and Footer


3. Customize your colours

Make your site truly unique by visiting the customizer! Here you can change your colours, fonts, heading styles and more to come. Make sure you select your racing colours to match your team, car, bike or boat! This area gives you the flexibility to try out some new looks and then publish them your live site when you are ready. Transform the look of your site in seconds!

More Info: Customizing Colours

More Info: Changing Fonts

More Info: Heading Styles


4. Update your home page

Your home page is the first thing your visitors will see. How it looks is up to you, you can choose to showcase your results, news, or championship standings, you can even show them all if you like! Our page builder provides an easy, but powerful interface to completely customize what your pages look like and what they show. Make sure you go and make your homepage your own to stand out from the pack!

More Info: Editing Pages


5. Share your site!

Now share your awesome new site with your family, friends and sponsors! Be sure to keep it up to date with your results, news, images and events so your fans can stay up to date with your racing!


This knowledge base is constantly evolving, but if there is something you need help with, don’t be afraid to send us a message!

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