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Editing your pages is something you will be doing a fair bit of, our page builder is very flexible and allows you to easily create an awesome looking website. Our MyRaceprofile system is built on a customized version of WordPress, which is a world leading Content management system that powers over 60 million sites, including 1/3rd of the top 10 million sites on the internet! This means we leverage the block builder to power the pages of your website.

Find the page

First you must find the page you wish to edit. To do this, login to your websites dashboard and then use the sidebar menu to find “Pages”. This will provide you a list of all your websites pages which you can then search for and select the page you wish to edit. Once you have found the page you can just click on the title, or hover over the item and click edit, this will take you to the edit page.

The Page Builder

Pages are built up using our page builder, this allows you to piece together your pages using blocks. Blocks are simply elements that make up the content on your page. They can be things like text, images, tables, or MyRaceprofile racer blocks such as race results, standings, events and galleries! All blocks have some settings available for further customization.

Adding Blocks

To add new blocks to your page you can use theĀ  “+” symbol in the top toolbar, or locate the “+” symbol at the bottom of the content on the page. This will bring up the block library which you can select your desired content from to add to the page.

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Configuring Blocks

To configure new or edit existing blocks you can select the block you wish to configure by click on it in the page builder. You will be able to see settings for the selected block in the sidebar which allows you change the blocks behavior, style, or content. Some blocks allow you to edit the content live directly in the block, while others will require you to edit the content in the sidebar or switch the block to “edit” mode.

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If the block requires you to use the edit mode, you can make your changes, switch into preview mode to see how your changes look!

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Moving Blocks

To move a block you can select the block you wish to move, then use the arrow buttons on the left top of the block to move it up or down the page. You can also use the button between the two arrows to click and drag the block to where you would like.

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Removing Blocks

To remove a block you select the desired block and click the 3 dot button along the top of the block, then select remove block.

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Tip: Navigating Page Blocks

Sometimes your page may have blocks within other blocks (such as columns, groups, etc) which can make navigating the blocks on the page a little confusing. An easy way to quickly locate the block you wish to edit is to use the block navigation menu in the top toolbar. This gives you a simple visual representation of the pages blocks and you can select the block you wish to edit from there!

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Publishing Page Updates

In the top toolbar you have the option to preview your changes, which will open a new tab with the changes you have made. This allows you to proof your changes before changing the live site.

If you are ready for the page changes to go live you can hit publish/update!

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