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Colours are what make your site recognizable, and link it to your team, bike, boat or car. There are a number of colours you can setup for you website in the MyRaceprofile system.

To change the colours you have to visit the customizer. Find Customize in the sidebar or from the dashboard, once in the customizer, select Profile Colours, you will then be presented with a number of colour options you can set.

Colour Options:
Note: All colours have a “contrast” colour option. A good rule of thumb is the below settings are for backgrounds, and the contrasts are for text on top of those backgrounds.

  • Primary Profile Colour – The main colour used throughout the website
  • Secondary Profile Colour – Should be complementary to the primary colour, or the second most prominent colour of your car, boat, etc
  • Default Colour – Usually is white, its the main content background colour throughout the site, generally this will be left default, but can be changed if you are feeling adventurous
  • Light Colour – Defaults to a light grey, used on blocks, headers and footer when you select your colour scheme
  • Dark Colour – Defaults to a darker grey, similar to the light colour, used on blocks, headers and footers when you select your colour scheme
  • Darker Colour – Used in a few different places on the website, such as the partners area.

When you make a selection it will reload the view of your site with what it will look like with the new colours. There are a lot of combinations you can play with, so spend some time experimenting and make something cool!

Once you are happy with your choice, hit publish and this will apply the changes to your site!

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