New Feature: Setup Sheets

October 13, 2021

Are you sick of keeping a bunch of paperwork to keep track of your car setups? Or do you just avoid keeping a track as its too much effort?

Well here at myRacewebsites we decided we needed a digital storage system for our setups, one where we could tag each setup with a track, car and date so its easy to go back and check what setup we used and how the car handled at each track we visit. We needed a system to get rid of the dreaded paperwork and physical storage, a place where things can’t go missing. Identifying this need we got to work on adding the first version of our setup sheet system to the myRaceprofile platform.

With this version, we added a new menu item in the racer dashboard called “Setup Sheets”. From this area you can view all your existing setups and add new ones. You are able to search for old ones by filtering by track and vehicle.

To add new setups all you need to do is choose the track (support for multiple), date and vehicle. Then you upload an image or file (including PDF) and make any comments you wish to store alongside the setup. Once you publish this setup you are done! Its saved and secure as part of your admin area in the myRaceprofile platform. These setups of course are private to you and not shown to the public anywhere on your site.

This is just the start of the setup sheet system, we will soon be adding more functionality and flexibility to enhance your racing!

This functionality is now available to all myRaceprofile Racers!