We Are Launching!

September 1, 2020

It has been years in the making. Countless hours spent brainstorming, planning, coding and designing to get to this stage. We have people testing the system and made the final tweaks required to allow everyone into our unique system we have built for racers.

We have been racers all our lives, from racing mini-bikes, to karts, sailboats and cars, we loved anything and everything racing. We saw a need in the market for professional, easy to use, and affordable websites for racers. Those kids just starting out, to racers just on the brink of making it a career, they need a web presence to get over the line. The idea came from our own needs, we needed a website for our racing, and being a web developer I knew how to make one. But then we thought, I’m not the only one who needs a website, and there is nothing out there that provides the features a racer needs, without spending thousands of dollars on a custom website. So from that, myRaceprofile was born.

We started planning, got our initial design prototypes made and got to work on thinking about what racers would find useful, and how they can present them selves to their fans and sponsors. We built our template system upon WordPress, a proven content management system which provided us with the building blocks to make something awesome. From there we customized, and customized, and customized to make sure that what we had was valuable to our users. We didn’t want it to be too difficult to use, the idea was for people to get their sites up and running straight away. But we also wanted to ensure there was enough customization for users to express themselves and make their websites truly unique. We think we have hit the mark with the current version and will look to continue developing the system from here.

Now we are there, our first “release” versionĀ  of myRaceprofile is ready and we are extremely excited to see what our users build, and of course hear how it helps them develop themselves as racers.